Giant Reign Shock Mounting Question

Discussion in 'Parts 'n Stuff' started by rgy1993, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. rgy1993

    rgy1993 Likes Dirt

    Recently got my hands on a 2015 Giant Reign frame which I'll be swapping into soon.
    I prefer the feel of coil shocks over air, figured out I will need a 200 x 57 shock with a 550lbs spring. Had a browse around and I came across this:
    From what I've read its actually not half bad and for the price I thought I might take a punt on it.

    I know that the reign shock mounts (according to the internet) are a "Standard" mount type, with 40 x 8 / no bushing.

    The frame is coming with the stock Monarch RT Debonair. My question is, will the existing shock mounting hardware fit, or will I need to get something specific to this DnM shock?

    My other option is a Marzochi Roco I've spotted on eBay. If anyone knows that the mounts will be less hassle this way let me know as I might then go for this option instead.
  2. JTmofo

    JTmofo XC Enthusiast

    For the love of all things sacred...... don't do it to yourself.
    The Monarch will be a far better shock than the DNM all day long.......

    $129 for a shock including spring....... must be top shelf.
  3. Knuckles

    Knuckles Burner

    This, the monarch will have much more of a "coil feel" than the actual coil DNM.

    But if you're set on swapping out the air shock, I can sell you a house brick that will have more of a "coil feel" than the DNM.
  4. teK--

    teK-- Eats Squid

    Wouldn't waste your money on that rubbish
  5. beejay

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    With a product/company description like this;

    "Carrying on 2008 experience, we are mainly focus on Snowmobile & ATV market in Russia area, Bicycle field in Brazil. Look ahead into the future, other than the products we have developed so far, we will also be developing other suspension related products. We hope that with our outstanding products (such as front forks, shock absorber..)and its excellent quality, we will continue to lead this market in the future."

    It would suggest that the technology is a bit outdated :suspicious: :lol:

    Definitely the Monarch would be the way to go.
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  6. rgy1993

    rgy1993 Likes Dirt

    curious as to whether anyone's actually tried the shock?
    Everything I've read around other forums and review sites seems generally quite positive about it. the only DnM product I have tried is their el cheapo dropper post, which worked perfectly and build quality honestly wasn't that bad for the price.

    I'll try some volume reducers for the Monarch first to keep my fat ass from bottoming it out constantly. If anyone has any info pertaining to the question i'm actually asking please feel free to fire away :thumb:
  7. Knuckles

    Knuckles Burner

    By all means then.....and dont bother wearing a helmet either.
  8. beejay

    beejay Likes Dirt

    The mount in a Giant Reign (2015 onwards to my knowledge) is 40 x 8mm top with bushing and the bottom mount is without bushing (12.7mm) from memory, with the lower mount being the shock linkage bolt of the frame.
    On the product page you linked to it says the "inner bushing size is 7.63 mm".
    Not to sure without getting my hands on one, but it looks like you would need a new upper bushing of the standard 1/2 inch (12.7mm) OD size, and hope (or be lucky enough to get some specific text on the lower mount hole inner diameter without bushing) to be 1/2 inch (12.7mm) ID.

    Had no luck with my Google Fu trying to find a detailed spec sheet of the DNM shock.
    Have no information on the Maz' Rocco' though sorry.
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  9. rgy1993

    rgy1993 Likes Dirt

    Awesome, thanks for the info mate. I found a few drawings on their website but nothing on them about the diameter of the mounting points. Have emailed the distributor to see if they might know.
  10. beejay

    beejay Likes Dirt

    My pleasure. Hope you can get the true size of the mounting holes with and without bushings.
    Interestingly the same but what looks newer version of that shock on their website looks to be using the 1/2 inch standard?

    p.s. I have a monarch plus debonair on my 2015 reign and it is as smooth as butter, I will add I'm 75kg kitted up with two bands in the shock and a pretty aggressive riding style.
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  11. rgy1993

    rgy1993 Likes Dirt

    I'm yet to even build the thing so I'll give it a shot with the debonair and see how it is. The guy I bought it off ran it with a coil though and said it was pretty good which started to get me thinking, hence why i'm here haha

    Going to guess I'll probably need 3 or 4 volume reducers in there (can you even fit that many in?) seeing as I'm about 100kg all kitted up.
  12. beejay

    beejay Likes Dirt

    I think 6 bands is the max so you should have some room to move for ramp up adjustment.

    Good luck, it's been a great bike/frame for myself, I'm sure you'll love it too.

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