Giant xtc 29 composite


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Just finish putting this together tonight - Giant 29 XTC composite hard tail. Picked up frame from rotorburner - Softek (thanks for good deal mate).

moved all other parts off my XTC 29 Alu bike.

New set of wheels, Stan's Crest, Hope Hubs, DT spokes built by CRC - tubeless also. XT brakes, cranks 3 x 9, thomson seat post, CB pedals, Fox 29 forks - kashima.

weight came in at 11.3 kg, was thinking 11.0 but what's 300 grams, that's fine.

only done a few ks on it so far, but as expected it's fast and handles beautifully.





Art Vanderlay

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Nice rig mtb101

I have the same bike but with the original sram 2 x 10 set-up.
So far I have upgraded the wheels, handlebar + bar ends, seatpost & seat. Next will be XT brakes and maybe new drivetrain. Previous bikes I have had shimano running gear so I may go back to this, not sure yet. Looks like I can get an XT drivetrain set up at pretty good price, so may consider this.

I love riding this thing it zooms along. Haven't weighed my mine yet, I'm guessing around the 10.5 - 11kg mark.


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mate has same model medium with all original gear, wheels etc and his bike is at 11.00 kg on same scales, so just shows that the original Giant specs are pretty light and the wheels, well I like the Crest/Hopes/DTs but there simply aren't nothing wrong with the factory wheels weight wise and I'm sure reliability wise as well.