Glenrock riders - keep a look out for the ladies


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I have good friends who live in Newcastle and enjoy running and walking in the Glenrock State Park. This week my (female) friend share a post on facebook from the Hunter Women's Cycling page that someone had been assaulted. See post below (not greatest words).

"Hello, I feel I need to give you a report from today's ride. It contains important information that I hope you will discuss with your loved ones. When I posted today's ride, if no one came I had full intentions of going into Glenrock alone......It's a beautiful sunny day, great to be out with good company in the fresh air. There were 3 girls on the ride. Near Grass Tree we see a man (20's) looking a bit suss. Then another on a postie scooter jumps past us....We say nothing. We hear in the distance whistling from another ?male. We pop out and go to Flaggy Creek car park. We are called to stop by another male, a longtime friend, who is with a lady who has been indecently assaulted. She has rang the police and wanted to go to her car. We have seen the perpetrators minutes ago (postie scooter) then some detectives turn up and police. We flag them down for the lady. We take the police phone number and head off. We look for the young men with the scooter, but don't see them. Girls! Don't ride alone in the bush! Men, don't ride in the bush alone! It may seem like a good idea....but it is not!"

I told my friend that are a lot of good blokes on Rotorburn from Newcastle and that they wouldn't take kindly to jerks giving the place a bad name. So if you find yourself out there riding please keep an eye out for the ladies. Cheers.


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flaggy creek is the carpark that comes off Burwood Drive - Kahibah, right where the road crosses the Fernleigh track.


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That's really grubby - always assumed Glenrock was a relatively safe place to ride given the reasonably heavy traffic levels.

Shall keep an eye out when I am riding in there from now on.