GripSport on Twitter


Yeah, yeah... blah, blah.
Well we think it's worth a press release.

Now this is definitely not going to be one of those “what we had for breakfast” twitter accounts… and we can promise you’ll never be forced to read our views on smacking kids in the supermarket, gay wombats or Tony Abbott’s budgie smugglers…

... but if you’re at all interested in little tit-bits of what we do and get up to here at Grip HQ (things like the day Andrew drove the forklift through our closed factory door!), unusual bikes, impossible frame repairs, special offers or anything funny/interesting/weird that’s at least remotely to do with bikes and cyclists... then we’ll be using Twitter as a mini version of the “news” section on our website.

We’ll try and keep it fun and informative and see how it goes.

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