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hey everyone, today i was at my local bikeshop and was looking at a GT ruckus. I was riding it around the shop with one hand( broke my finger lol) and loved it. anyone who knows anything about this bike , i would greatly appreciate it. Should i sell my stp for this? any info woulb be great. thanks farkers


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GT Ruckus

Okay, first of all i think there a few models of the Ruckus and i have dealt with the UF(I think:confused:) The frame geometry and parts would make an awesome bike, although they arnt that great quality they'll still last, for DJ, street and Park, from what ive ridden of it the frame is more suited to them than an STP frame.


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What riding will you be doing with it? If park/street and DJ the UF will be more suitable than the stp. The horizontal dropouts will prove very handy when running singlespeed. Although the forks on the UF aren't the best and I am pretty sure even if you have the lowest stp model they will still have better forks...
ruckus frame > stp frame
ruckus specs < stp specs
EDIT - I am only talking about the UF here...

STP 4 life

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I will mostly be doing djs and street. After seeing the pics posted i know it was the uf model. I have a 07 stp 2. Anymore info or pics would be great . cheers
probably not

Yeah I've seen the Ruckus DJ at my local bike shop, and to be honest i didn't really like it :S. Maybe it just wasn't my type of bike, but if i were you there would be no chance of me trading in a STP for a Ruckus, plainly because the parts GT makes aren't the top of the line they're mediocre.