GXP to PF30


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Hi Rotorburners,

I bought my bro's X01 cranks which came off his sb66c, my understanding is the 66c uses a GXP and my S-Works Enduro uses PF30

One LBS says it won't work however another LBS says it will using an adapter. I'm now confused.



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youll have to figure out exactly which by BB shell your specialized comes with - unfortunately, they are another one of the companies that likes to fuck everything up by making a "new" standard just for the hell of it - in the main that's do they can sell you a replacement sworks crankset for around $900


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Yep, have a praxis on my roadie and its great. Quiet, replaced the loud effer that I originally had installed. 46x73 should be pf30, so you're on the right track there


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Praxis conversion bb is excellent. Actually expands and secures into the shell.

- Joel

I found them here, for shipping in AU


I clicked through to there via the importer, Dawson Sports Group. So your LBS should be able to sell you the same part for a similar amount.

Enduro/wheels MFG make another, from DIYMTB. Similar price, but doesn't have the expanding internal shell to snug up against your frame. Relies on O rings and good frame manufacturing tolerances.

Have fun!