Hard Bicycle carry case interest gathering


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Hi guys,

Not sure if it is at the right forum, please let me know if this is considered as advertising and I need to contact the site admin.

I own a plastic injection moulding and metal fabrication factory, as well as being a bike nut. I travelled a lot with my bikes during my business trips and work. I hated the old tired paper box ripped and stiched by tape over and over again. I also hated the hyper expensive and heavy solid carry case, not to meantion the useless soft carry bag.

I came up with a new prototype bicycle box myself, looking at a price of about $50 direct. Whe the final production starts, I will have drag wheel and further padding and handles. Being foldable, it can be easily stored under bed etc.

I just like to put it up here to see if there are much interest or demand around our rotorburn community. You can put the bikes straight inside, or the online bike shop can offer it as a drop bar option at check out and the original paper box can drop straight in also.

My galah says hi to everyone :dance:

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Sounds good... Let us know the final dimensions and specs on it, and you'd probably get a few people interested.


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Not sure if it is at the right forum, please let me know if this is considered as advertising and I need to contact the site admin.
FYI I've made a little edit to your post as it was too much like advertising; it's still probably borderline now. If you're interested in becoming a site sponsor, let me know and we can put you in touch with the boss man.

On the actual topic though I think you've got some real potential there, as, as you say, there's currently a pretty big gap between cardboard boxes, and flashy hard cases. Look forward to seeing how this develops.


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Few questions,
whats the average weight? in comparison to a cardboard box? big factor, as more weight = less gear or more money...

Durability; bar ends, skewers, chain rings have a habit of punching through cardboard if not strategically wrapped, whats the plastic like for that? especially with the inevitable repeat exposure? cardboard boxes fail eventually but a mate at a bike shop can sort you out for another for a beer or two.

Impact protection? chance of something piercing or crushing? is it significantly better than the cardboard box?


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i'm interested and asking the same questions as above :)

hard cases are ridiculously expensive...


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Wow what a great idea, I live in a unit, so being able to fold it flat is a massive benefit. I actually just go to my lbs every time I travel, and get a new box. When I return, I throw it away so I don't have to store it. But I really like this idea, and such a reasonable price.