Haro 8.3 or....Giant STPzero

which one?

  • Haro 8.3

    Votes: 39 97.5%
  • Giant STP zero 'Limited Shipment'

    Votes: 1 2.5%

  • Total voters
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cant make up my mind..both bout the same price....Giant couple hundred cheaper......

any one got any experience with either of these?


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Hi Mattyp .. I realise you are new .. so dont take this as a harsh comment .. It's more a friendly heads up on how to set out a question or request for advice on farkin which makes everyone's life easier.

Before asking for info on 2 very common bikes, Try using the forum search tool .. there is alot of info that has already been posted on both of these bikes. This stops the double up factor on farkin.

Also .. you need to add more info into your questions if you want serious opinions.


Your Budget
Your Style of riding
Your intentions for future upgrades etc
Your Size/Weight
Your current ability and skill

Posting a thread saying .. which bike should I get is kinda pointless and people cannot really give you the help you need without knowing the above.

I know for a fact there is alot of info on the stp's on the forums .. and im guessing the haro's.

If you cannot find the info on the Haro .. by all means start a new Thread with more detailed info as stated above asking for opinions.

Cheers mate.

Welcome to farkin and good luck with your purchase.
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