Heads up tomorrow, Sydney commuters


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If they targeted Sydney CBD, particularly around tourist hot spots like Darling Harbour they'd get a fair amount of fines in a few hours.

The food delivery riders are the worst, barging everyone off the footpath.

Couriers and commuters should all be compliant so only tourists, hire bikers and casual riders on hipstar bikes and aforementioned delivery people would be busted. That my guess anyway.

Having said that I'll get pinged soon on my MTB for not having reflectors or a bell......


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They did this in Bris a few years ago.

I can only guess that it's to tell the complainy fuckwits "yes, we take bike shit seriously, see, we did this silly shit just last whenever". Most cops (whilst being fucking cops) aren't complete idiots and will also see this as a waste of resources.


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You can pretty much guarantee they will be out in force catching everyone on the morning commute coming off Anzac Bridge heading onto Pyrmont...the Police here are a special breed when it comes to cyclists.

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Hope the rain keeps the numbers down. The dedicated commuters should be aware already.

Wonder if the police will spend the rest of the day handing tickets out to dickhead motorists .... Not likely....

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I will make sure to attach my big shiny brass bell to the end of my drop bars... out of the way and right where I won't be able to use it.

I'm hoping they bust a shitload of those delivery riders.

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Most cops (whilst being fucking cops) aren't complete idiots and will also see this as a waste of resources.
...more likely they will take it as a personal insult to their importance and take that out on the public. For such a big bunch of cock they often act like they have real s.all ones...

Those food delivery guys will all be in bed. The cops need to chase them at night.