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Hi, I have a 09 Commencal Absolut (hardtail dj frame) and whilst changing forks on it and having a steerer slightly shorter than i wanted i tried to research into switching out the current external type headset with an integrated headset to shorten the overall stack height. Is it a matter of reaming out the frame to accept the larger cups of the integrated headset or is a larger od head tube required to maintain enough thickness after machining?

Without measuring the headtube od its at least the diameter of the external headset cup the full length.

appreciate any comments.

addition: found a photo of bike.



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Just to clear things up, by external do you mean standard press fit where you insert the cups into the frame then put bearing assembly inside them ?

If it is a standard press fit headset you won't be able to convert it to integrated as an integrated headset doesn't have cups. The cups of in integrated system are actually a machined part of the frame and they have the lip that protrudes top and bottom where the bearing assembly slots into eliminating the need for external cups.

Integrated: Note the Headtube

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