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Hi everyone, another n00b here from Brissy.

A bit of background about myself, I've only just gotten into MTB over the past few months, despite being friends with a few mountain bikers for years and never taking it up. Well, I finally have and it's great.

I live in Ferny Hills, literally a stone's throw away from Ironbark Gully and a short ride over the hills to Bunya. I bought a 29er hardtail and quickly found its limits; then my mates convinced me to buy a duallie and the rest is history.

I've only ever ridden Bunya and Ironbark, so I look forward to getting out to all the other trails around Brissy and having fun!


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Welcome to the forum. I have a 2018 Trance 2 Aluminium version. Bunya my local. The Gap is pretty good too. Thanks for the tip on Black Sheep.
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