Help me find my next machine.


Likes Dirt
G'day burners,
since june 2008 I've been riding a Specialized Pitch. When I bought it, it was more or less an XC bike labeled "all mountain".
Being a young fellow it was natural for me to have complete and total disregard for my safety.
So i took it upon myself to ride this bike off/through/over/under/into/around anything in site. Sure enough this began to take a toll on my bike
and it's parts. After scraping cash together for months on end, I managed to turn this bike into something a lot of fun to ride;

Buts as it happens, this frame is no longer enjoying itself and I fear it may soon perish.

So my point and case being; I need(want) a new frame for all mountain/freeride/andgeneralwaywardness.

I'd like any suggestions you can give me so I can find something new to play with. To give you some ideas so that you can give me some ideas. I like;
- Transition Bottlerocket
- Specialized SX Trail
- Scott Voltage FR

My price is up to about $1600
Cheers in advance guys and gals.