Help me pick a Rigid fork.


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I'm currently in the process of building up my old DMR Transition as a rigid 24.
I'm really unfamiliar with rigid set ups tho and I'm lost as to what fork height will best suit what i want.

It was originally rigid with Trailblade 2 but I changed them pretty quickly and don't recall much about the ride. It used to run an 80mm circus, it was awesome with that fork. Still fairly steep and had a much higher bb than my current squishy bike (Spark). I'd like to keep these aspects as I really hate the low bb feel of the Spark. I don't know exactly what the head angle is but it's somewhere around the 72° mark ?

I've not really done much in the way of park/street riding so yeah. I'm only 5'2" but have long monkey arms and quite tall bars for the build. Been looking at the Rebate and BlkMrkt mainly. Is something like a suspension corrected fork better for a newb ? The frame is apparently 24" specific, does that change the desired fork height ?


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If you can find info on the bike it should tell you what axle to crown height fork you should be running. Now, the circus is a really really really low fork when compared to say fox and rockshox of the same travel, so an 80mm circus would be low on most bikes. Best starting point would be find the axle to crown height of an 80mm argyle, then find a rigid of similar length if you want to run rigids. I did run a rigid 26" fork on my 24, it was too low, 80mm circus was too low, but 100mm circus with 3 1/2" ride were perfect, but that's my preference