Hi everyone


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Hey all, I’m back on a bike and hoping to learn a lot from everyone, from working in the bike to places to ride.

I have picked up an old 2008 Norco atomik just for the plush ride, and my 11yo has decided he wants one like it, so for Xmas I picked him up a 2009 giant glory dh1.
It’s been fun learning how to work on them and would enjoy getting out there making use of the bike properly.


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Where you based, cobber? The old giants are cheap and bomb proof. Good choice.


Likes Bikes
Lol yeah things probably aren’t the best. Can’t keep him off the bike tho. After the last bike he had (store bought bike), he was killing it as it couldn’t take the punishment he fished out. This should last him a while. (He is only 11)


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Heya, I’m near Ipswich Qld. They boy got his bike for Xmas and loves it. He spent all day trying to wheelie and doing jumps on it. He made a jump with 2 bricks and a 2” wide plank of wood lol. View attachment 358301
Nice technique keeping feet planted on the pedals wearing only thongs. I couldn't manage that.