Homebrew sealant on carbon rims long term

Cardy George

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I've searched, I've read most of the Tubeless Mega Thread, I can't find anything about using Homebrew Sealant on carbon for an extended period.

As this bike has to and/or will be used as is for a very long time, I want to know if it will cause damage.

It's already tubeless, and I've used Wade's Secret Sauce on a different bike with good results. Just wanting to do something different to see if it's cost effective, but not if it's gonna cost me a $2k wheelset


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Isn’t it usually more of an issue for the wanker alloy nipples they use to justify the lighter wallet..I mean wheel.

Daniel Hale

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carbon is fairly inert chemically speaking, i presume you are going to use latex, with something like glitter. id be holding off on using ammonia [though it has aparently little effecton carbon fiber, it can't be good for spokes]

Cardy George

Piercing rural members since 1981
It's been 12 months since my last batch, but the main ingredients are latex, glycol, and a little bit of slime.

The tough part is getting hold of the latex in my part of the world.