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Discussion in 'Parts 'n Stuff' started by kosz888, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. kosz888

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    I have a new set of Hope DH Wheels which I bought Maxxis minion front and high roller rear both tubeless ready.
    Tyre's are non dual ply to save weight, not sure if that's a good thing as DH casing may outweigh the benefits of weight reduction.

    My question is around fitting issues with the tires. I've used Gorilla tape (one layer) to seal up the rims and installed stans tubeless valves though couldn't get the tires on as easy as usual. It took about 40 mins to get the rear tire on which was the high roller and about 25 mins to get the front minion on. I used strong leavers, had the bead in the center of the rim and some soap.
    If I get a flat tire on the side of the track id have to walk the bike back to the car as the tires are extremely difficult to remove, they are really hard up against the rims side wall and will not move into the center to allow the tire leaver to get under the bead.
    I'm thinking I should put these on my trail bike and get some DH tires that are a bigger fit for ease of install\removal.
    Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing, maybe a difference tire brand? any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. Flow-Rider

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    Some of us are using Blue outdoor bear tape from bunnings, if you stretch it tightish and double wrap it, it's still a bit thinner than gorilla tape. I found some tyres to come loose on the bead over time also.
  3. Nautonier

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    I just installed some Maxxis tubeless ready tyres and they went on fine with one layer of Gorilla tape. Only problem was that were looser than other tyres and needed a compressor to seal up.

    Unfortunately different rims seem to have slight variations in profile, which make them a nightmare to work with while installing certain tyres. I have found that if Maxxis are a tight fit then Schwalbe will sometimes go on easier and vice versa. DH casing tyres won't go on any easier.
  4. kosz888

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    Yeah I didn't think the DH tires would be any easier, I would assume they may be harder as they are probably less flexible.
    They stans tape would be good if only is stuck to the inside of the rims, for some reason I cant get it to stick. Any one else had this problem??
  5. Ideate

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    The middle channel of the rim is suppose to help get tyres on and off. If you've wound Gorilla tape into the channel then it's not going to give you the slack on the other end to get the tyre over.


    Don't use Gorilla tape. It's too thick, has more friction with rubber and is super sticky and messy to get off. If you want cheap then use what old mate said above.. Bear blue or this Bear clear which is a little thicker and wider but only needs one layer. I actually use the clear now on everything by just running a stanley knife down the edge once it's in the rim to fit perfectly (33mm all the way up to my 45mm rims). Works just as good as Stans if not better.

  6. kosz888

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    Great information, nice diagram :) thanks for that.
    Ill try the clear stuff as I know the rubber is gripping the gorilla tape which doesn't help the situation.
    With regards to looser fitting tires does anyone else have better luck with a different tire brand?
  7. sutts

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    Bit off topic but I am curious as I am thinking about buying a set of these for my Spitty build (im 100kg so want somthing solid)

    What are you running them on and how you finding them?
  8. shmity

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    I've had no issues with Maxxis onto Hopes. Ive got EXO Minions on Hope Enduro Wheels and DH casing Minions on DH wheels, took me all of 5 minutes to mount with or without soap? Are you using a lever? Sometimes the last bit of bead can be tight to get over the sidewall of the rim, so a lever can help if you dont have the hand strength to pop it on.
  9. DMan

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    I run a set on my Reign. I really like them. I was running a XM1501 Spline 1 wheelset and I like that they have less flex than them, and with the 28mm internal width it gives a noticeably bigger footprint on the same tyre. The Pro4 hubs engage quickly too.

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