hope w35 tyre choice?


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Got the w35s a few months ago for a great price,they replaced my trusty hope enduros which were great but too narrow (23mm). I have a dhf 2.5 widetrail on the front which is superb in that role, however I only had a 2.4 ardent for the rear so just threw that on. The grip was incredible downhill, but pretty draggy everywhere else. In the end I went back to my enduro on the rear and a specialized ground control 2.1.

Its a pretty poor state of affairs though, since my w35 rear wheel is just sitting in the corner. I'm wondering if it was just because I used the ardent and the side lugs were continually dragging on the ground due to the casing being squared out on the wider rim. Anyone out there running these rims or similar width and have suggestions for a fast rear tyre? Or is it simply a cost of having wide rims?


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Yeah, 2.3. Rolls like nothing else, lean it over and if really bites.
Tried slaughter, and rock razor, SS wins out, and only about $50 on TBE and Cell bikes.

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No, but with the new flow, which are 30. Look ar what 5mm actually is...bees dick really.
My w35’s Run WT Minion dhr2 rear, and I really don’t ring them that bad to push round.
But you're ring is far from picky....


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And how does that roll? It looks like a fat ardent race, so maybe the side lugs dragging would no longer be an issue.


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I’m also running a minion SS on flow mk3 and it is night and day to the high roller II I was running previously. Much better rolling and still climbs well and hooks right into corners.

Only downside is reduced braking but not such an issue on the back


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Just updating for the brains trust...
Got a Minion SS and stuck it on the W35. A definite improvement over the original ardent and grips on the corners even better. Still a bit draggy compared to the 2.1, but I guess that’s to be expected.

A few years ago I used to run 2.4 Kenda small block eights on the rear of my hard tail, superfast in the dry and enough surface area to make up for the fact they are pretty smooth. I’m thinking I’d like to try something like that again, but I don’t think they may the SB8 anymore.


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They still make the sb8. I think I saw them on bike24.

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