How long is a bike good for?


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Trying to convince my wife that I need a new bike, I'm turning 50 this year and was thinking this bike will probably do me to the end now, can't see me do anything too dangerous now. What do you think? Should get at least 10 years out of a decent bike


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You'll get 10 years easily. You might end up going through "consumables" that you didn't necessarily expect, like frame pivot bolts.

With that in mind I'd advise you to buy from a brand that is well known/widely distributed and doesn't have too many proprietary components that will be hard to find spares for. An example is the older Scott Geniuses (Genii?) with the pull shocks - bit of a nightmare to find a replacement or someone to fix it when it blows up after 5 years.

I've got a few bikes from the mid-2000s and they ride fine. I don't really think i'd have any issue finding parts to keep them running either.


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8 years for my bike this year, still going strong. Has funny 26” wheels though. If you buy from a boutique brand (Yeti, Ibis, Pivot, Santa Cruz etc) they use common bolts/bearings. Got caught years ago buying a bolt for my Giant. Proprietary bolt cost me $90 and a 2 week wait to be ordered in.


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My first MTB is 22 this year and now my son rides it to school, mates place etc. He is unfortunately just using it for transport and has very little interest in bush tracks. While it has had new parts that wear out, frame, wheels, brake parts (including cables) are all original. When I turned 50 I talked myself into have a mid life crises and purchased a new dually (first for me). I still have 3 bikes I still use and a frame waiting to be built up too.

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Thanks guys, looks like negotiations have failed so no new bike. Have to start upgrading instead
You really aren't taking the best care of yourself here. The risk to injury from an old shitty bike is really quite high. Followed by the risk of injury from poor home mechanics. Does your significant other have any idea of the long term and insidiously debilitating nature of many of these injuries? Imagine if you are to develop sciatica or other nerve pain, rendering you incapable of working and making meaningful contribution to increasing the cushion and throw rug fund?

If only they knew how important to the unity and prosperity of all this new bike truely is. It's not a purchase it's an investment.

It will also give you a bigger and harder cock...