How many going to the 24hr at Fellcrag this weekend?


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wanting to know how many are going to the 24hr at fellcrag this wk/end? .... teams, riders?


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i was thinking of going out there and getting a hot water boiler thing and charging 2 bucks for coffee, i reckon i'd make a killing, maybe even take the BBQ for some hot food.

but i'm lazy and gave up on that idea

(plus it's starting to get cold, yes i am a pussy)


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wouldnt mind going and riding but didnt see it comming, havent prepared or anything like that any way there will be another one.


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nah, you should all come! it's the most awesome atmosphere. There's heaps of people that usually go with out a team linned up, so there is always someone to hook up with for a team. And the fitness thing?..... not an issue. The laps are only ment to be round 6-7km so that's only bout 20-30mins per lap, piece of cake. My dad's ridin & he's 45

So C'mon get some teams together and come on down its awesome! Nothin better than flying through singletrack in complete darkness!


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Rightio Lindsey its on! how many laps do ya reckon your bunch of fit dh's will do against our team of half a century crooners? At round 6km a lap, i reckon if a team can put out 40-50 laps there doin well. wat do ya reckon?

we'll be stugglin all the way to the finish line


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Sounds like its going to be a fun event!

And arent we so lucky to have lindsay do up a full report ;)

should be good :D !


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15 mins! man, i reckon we'll be doin 2-3 laps b4 we swap over if thats the case. If a team could do an average of 25 mins 4 the whole 24hrs thats pretty close to 60 laps. This course is goin to be so screwed afterwards.

Another topic: My new ride turned up (with a few bits missing) did your new rig turn up?


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Wodie told us that we wern't allowed to sleep so we could keep punching out one lap at a time all night. For some reason i doubt that will happen. As you can see he really wants to win.