How to piss a bunch of people off


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holy fark! and I thought the flame wars on were harsh. :shock:

2cool4school's parents have 2 much money if u ask me...maybe they could lend us some and we could all by new bikes :p


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yeah no doubt, how many pics did he post? 20 or so.
Then the rest of the guys are still slagging him!!! Just no love over there, no love I tell ya!


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you know it zen :p
yeah he did slam everyone down but TALK ABOUT BRAGGING. omg look at meeeeeeeeee. he could have stated about the single porshe car, but noooo let me talk about everything else i have, ooh ooh wait i wear ARMANI ASWELL im so cool.



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holy crap that gay..... oh oh i mean guy has a very very kind and loving daddy... if i were him it'd be bikes not cars


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well i have two RM7's, several V10's, also i have the 2005 model bighit, with a new linkage system, i have 3 Giant DH team's, all specced out to the max, with the lightest strongest components. My dad has a porche commuter bike, its not as good as my customized malvern star though. my hardtail list is as follows: 4 norco team trials, 2 liquid mainframes, 18 huffys from kmart, and to top it all off, a penny farthing. i just want you guys to tell me what i should do to one of my HUFFY's, i wanna do it up real good so i can show it off at the local track...any suggestions?

also if you want proof, i will take 20+ pictures for you to see.

(if anyone hasnt realised, i'm just joking, please dont gimme shit)


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Well big props to the bloke if he could make enough dosh to buy those. I'm suprised he could drive them though, I thought his ego would get jammed in the door trying to get in.