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  1. outerlimits

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    Looking at building some wheels. When it comes to hubs and hoops, is there anything I should steer clear of?
    Hopes, and DT's get a good wrap but are pricey. Anything else worth considering, with good engagement and durability ?
    Thoughts on rims with a 25-27mm internal width ?

  2. JTmofo

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    A decent wheel build will cost you $500- $700. Dt swiss XM481 (30mm internal) or XM 401 can be had for about $110 per rim and are impressive quality. I've build up some Spank 395+ (but they come in narrow versions) and they're also pretty decent.
    Hope hubs are also relatively cheap for a high engagement (40poe). A pair will set you back less than $300.
    If you want to build cheap wheels, you're better off just buying a cheap set. If you're building a set, build a quality set.

    Edit: just checked and I've got a pair of straigh dt swiss XM401 in 27.5 (32 hole) you could have cheap if you want. 22.5mm internal.
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  3. mark22

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    I have a brand new set 27.5" DT Swiss E1900 SPLINE with XD driver, XG 1150 10-42 SRAM cassette 11 speed, DT Swiss hubs
    Wheels are non boost 25mm internal.
    PM me if you are interested

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