Hypnosis Visual Intensity World Premier


Eats Squid
At the moment there is no Aussie Premier but Clay has asked that we post this up for all our Yanky Farkers who visit daily ! ( Probably to find out who is going to toast the US riders at the next Norba \ WC hehe ) Had to post that as it's AUSTRALIA DAY tomorrow !

Please Note - Santa Cruz, CA Premiere and the Denver, CO Premiere are soon to be announced.


Likes Dirt
I don't want to rub this in, but the world premier is only 45 minutes from my house--I'll be there for sure. In addition, I already ordered my copy in advance...
bah..... the premiere's all the way in the states!!!

....oh wait.... I'm in the states......

....oh wait.... i'm a "YANKY FARKER"!!!!

I can't wait!!!