I Spec A shifter - I spec ii brake options


Cannon Fodder
Hi guys,

Bought a new bike recently(2013ish 3x10 drivetrain) and needed to get a new pair of brakes as they were seized. Grabbed the Shimano xt m8000 front brakes but didn't realise the shifters were not compatible. I've got Shimano m780 I spec A shifters and am trying to figure out what my options are.

Cant seem to find any adaptors nor a bar mount for the shifters that would work. Struggling to find any second hand 10 sp shifters that have an I spec ii mount as shops don't sell anymore. They are all 11 speed.

It seems at this point my only option is to buy an 11 sp set up just to mount the shifter to the brakes. This is bloody ridiculous.

Any ideas? Or maybe someone knows of an adaptor? Any help would be appreciated.



Should be a bar mount option online from non geo blocked sites. Merlin or Germans? Zee does the job