AM I swear it started as a hardtail (Canfield Bros Riot)

Discussion in 'Post Your Ride' started by Shinigami, Aug 17, 2017.

  1. Shinigami

    Shinigami Likes Dirt

    Having been waiting for a new SC Chameleon frame from around April... it still hasn't arrived and i'm not sure it ever will (as i have now cancelled the order). after my old dually (yukon fx) was stolen the insurance payout increased the money i had laying about for a build. I originally looked at upgrading to a Ti Honzo to keep up that HT love... but not coming this year.

    canfield was having a sale and i already have a 140mm 2018 pike so here we are.

    not sure how the photos on my old phone are going to turn out but here they are.





    Current parts i have / plan to purchase:
    Frame: Large CB Riot Black
    Shock: DVO Jade, came with a 400lbs spring waiting on a 550 from NS
    Fork: 140mm Pike 2018
    Wheels: going to get some hope 4 built up with stans flow with some hans dampf rubber for now
    Headset: plan to buy a cane creek 40
    Stem: waiting on a 50mm from JT
    Bar: i got a random carbon one when a local bike store closed for $30 800mm
    Brakes: Hope V4
    Drivetrain: GX Eagle or XT, leaning towards the XT for cost of replacements
    Seatpost: going to get a revive once i work out if my legs are long enough for a 160mm it looks like it might be a close thing
    seat: Giant saddle that i got cheap, thinking of a silverado or some other seat with a low rise from rails to top
    pedals: i have the Vaults from my HT or the CB ones that came with the frame.
    Grips of some sort of grips happy for suggestions
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  2. pink poodle

    pink poodle Clinically Inane

    Canfield bikes ride very nicely. You'll be well pleased.
  3. slider_phil

    slider_phil Likes Dirt

    Looking like a killer build. Loved my time on the Riot. From what I hear a coiled Riot is a monster
  4. Miguel75

    Miguel75 Likes Dirt

    Excited for more build pics.
  5. Shinigami

    Shinigami Likes Dirt

    i'm short a few tools, i am likely to get it done at one of the local stores. i will see if they can take progress pics
  6. pink poodle

    pink poodle Clinically Inane

    Anything is possible for the right fee.
  7. ForkinGreat

    ForkinGreat Random Krishna

    ODI Rogue or Oury lockons (ODI compatible) used both, both good :D
  8. Shinigami

    Shinigami Likes Dirt

    I'll have a look. at the moment i just bought colour appropriate ones when i got other stuff from CRC. the nukeproof ones i think
  9. Spike-X

    Spike-X Grumpy Old Man

    At least you have your priorities in order.
  10. Shinigami

    Shinigami Likes Dirt

    Finally got it home, more photos to come once i finish setting it up

    IMG_20170928_170419 (1).jpg
  11. droenn

    droenn Likes Dirt

    Yeah, thats nice! I'll keep an eye out at Stromlo I guess haha
  12. JTmofo

    JTmofo XC Enthusiast

    This colour scheme looks incredibly familiar

    Rad bike .....

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  13. Shinigami

    Shinigami Likes Dirt

    yeah the green and purple of the original plan, just now with more black... much more black and skulls, my missus dubbed it the phantom bike with the purple/black/skulls
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  14. clockworked

    clockworked Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Looks fast! What's it weigh in at?
  15. Shinigami

    Shinigami Likes Dirt

    About 15kg

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