Inspirational songs to help Jared Graves, win stuff!


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Sif you'd play any American crap.


Likes Bikes
my picks
-anti flag -die for the goverment [video=youtube;PynWTLeUJRA][/video]
-press corpse [video=youtube;erLh6yoBnO0][/video]
fall out boy- music or the misery[video=youtube;1ohqEtGRKFg][/video]
hazen street- are you ready [video=youtube;e7QEamq6uwI][/video]
the devil wears prada- danger wild man [video=youtube;DdGFUYmwXvU][/video]
silverstein- always and never [video=youtube;a8ZwJ2abDZA][/video]
there are some good ones
good luck mate


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cake - he's going the distance

I think i should get bonus points for the seedy as fuck video.


Likes Bikes and Dirt
Heres my Big list after sorting through my itunes library.
I hope you find something good!



or the original


A bit different but works really well to get pumped.


Sam Champion of NWD10 intro





bit mainstream but has a good steady beat.

If you need a good intro then look no further.



Yes a lot of it is mainstream but it might remind you of something that didn't come across your mind.


Farkin guerilla
Narwhal Song - Weebl
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Anberlin - Ready Fuels

Anberlin - Ready Fuels

This has been a pump up song for me for a while while dirt jumping.. Chorus is raddddd, and where it kicks in, woud gives me goose bump. Thats when i'd drop in for my run, or just before so it would kick in just before the first jump =]

Listen to it and see what you think, it is from Stund Series one also, dirt jumping section on episode one or two..


Either way, its a good song to have in your playlist for the future!! ;)


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