Inspiring Video/ I need to ride accross a mountain range


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Just watched this video: [video]//[/video]

Thoroughly enjoyed it, very inspiring... it got me thinking...

I need to cross a mountain range (gotta complete the list!)

Obviously, being based in Sydney, I don't have access to the epic alps depicted in the video - but I am sure there is a solution involving the dividing range. I know some people do a ride from Canberra to Jervis Bay that I think must necesarily cross it.

Another thought I had was to do something down Mt Kozzy way. Please shoot me some ideas.


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Well you could ride from Canberra to Tumut, that is a around 100kms and crosses the Brindabella ranges.


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From Island Bend near Guthega to the Geehi River crossing on the Alpine Way west of Thredbo. You need a local ideally and a shuttle pick up. Up Schlink's Pass to near the top of the main range and then onto singletrack to the Geehi Reservoir and then down past Olsen's Lookout to the Alpine Way. 68km was what it said on my computer when I did it way back. Awesome ride.