interesting article and vid about Bronson/27.5 wheels from SC


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To me it really just sounds like SC made a 650b bike/s because they sell. Not because they are really any better then their 26" offerings.


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Joe and Nick would defend the bike irrespective of the wheels, and they have a point – the Bronson is a good bike. But one thing Joe said to us hung heavy on our minds, “You could make the best bike in the world, but if no one buys it, then what’s the point?” It’s the most fundamental economic concept in the world: supply and demand.
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... VPP generally is the same, its still got counter-rotating links and we use the same sealed bearing and axle system. What we focused on was improving small and medium bump absorption, where we developed the bike's shock rate in conjunction with shock tuning from Fox. The leverage was increased (compared to the Blur LT), by decreasing shock stroke from 63.5mm to 57mm while increasing travel from 140mm to 150mm. So bump absorption is great. The number of mules we made, and the learning acquired getting long travel 29ers to pedal well funneled into this bike, so it pedals as well as a good XC bike both seated and standing. Big claims for sure, but ride reviews should be coming soon. If there was only a bike website thats had one for six months that could review it instead of riding their soapbox...
^ what wasnt reported by bike mag (as it surely would have reduced the number of times that they could mention 650b or a 142 axle) in favour of shitting us more about their favourite topic, wheelmongering, and pushing some fucked up concpet that they must hold in their clique that it actually matters or is fun to still write about? Or is it that their feedback on the mules wasnt incorporated?
Lead, follow or get the fuck out of the way. I dont see Bike magazine leading, or following so perhaps they should .....

Kudos to SC (and Joe) for listening and keeping it real.
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