Introducing the Girly to MTB


Likes Dirt
Hey folks. Just after some quick suggestions - the new girlfriend has been mountain biking once, a long time ago and now wants me to take her out for a spin tomorrow. Looking for good suggestions for places to take a n00b around Sydney - obviously it's gotta be accessible, but also not too boring (otherwsie you might as well juts ride on the road!).

My regular/closest rides are:

Manly Dam - this is the place that got me back into MTB about 5 years ago as there is a good mix of fun but also some challenges, but is it too daunting?
Appin - my favourite - great techie trail, but again - too daunting for a beginner?
Mt Annan - I'm leaning towards this one right now. I personally don't like it much as it's not very flowy and you have to work too hard for not much reward but for someone new, it might be a good option?
Oaks - I really like the up and back option on the oaks, but obviously we'd just take the 'down' option. I think this may be too long though, and also a bit boring.
KuRingGai - not been there yet and it's meant for exaclty this scenario I guess. However it's a bloody long drive, and only 800m of sniggle!

I also love Ourimbah and Awaba but they're both a bit too far away I think.

Any suggestions?