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Discussion in 'Post Your Ride' started by R26, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. R26

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    After a bit of a riding hiatus (injury enforced) and after a fair bit of looking for something a bit retro this came up on eBay for a steal, 1998 Specialized Ground Control FSR Extreme.

    Was listed as having a few issues, most of which a clean up and some servicing have sorted.

    The cable rub is extreme, but luckily only superficial, the old LX/XT drivetrain seems to be pretty good too, although won't shift into the small cog. Forks are good too, although the shock is rooted. Not sure on plans for it yet, go full retro and period correct or get some new gear and make it a good all rounder as it's pretty light (lighter than my old 2009 Anthem).

    First thing to do is sort the areas where the rub is, temporary fix for now and a full respray later, and replace the locked out and blown shock.
  2. hifiandmtb

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    Yep, it's cool.
  3. safreek

    safreek Vealcake

    Yeah pretty cool, had a similar one bulk years ago, they seemed fine to ride as far as I remember. Do the retro thing, you can buy newer crap to put on it but you will ruin it, it will just be a 2 dollar ho instead of a classy mature whore
  4. Mr Crudley

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    A friend of mine had an FSR and they are great bikes. Very Intense Uzzi-ish. Try to service the forks first or keep a look out for something more worthy.

    Is the rear shock and bushings all fine?

    Most of all enjoy it.

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  5. R26

    R26 Likes Dirt

    Rear shock is shot, like proper kaput multi grips to lock the fucker out kaput. Bushes not sure, although I get no noise out of them so I'm hoping they're not bad.

    Forks seem ok strangely, slightly pogo-ish however they're "long travel" late 90's so that's normal. Picked up a Monarch R in the correct size for bugger all as a stop cap for the rear end, if a great period-ish correct Fox Vanilla or an original RS Coupe Deluxe come up I'll jump on it and build something else around the monarch (lame excuse for more bike).
  6. Mr Crudley

    Mr Crudley Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Good news on the Monarch R, just stick to that if it does the job. The Judy long travel is about 80mm I think from that era.

    This looks like the replacement elastomer kit if you get desperate but not bargain priced unfortunately.
  7. R26

    R26 Likes Dirt


    There's a Bomber marathon SL for a good price on the retro mtb FB page that is sort of period correct, well as a period upgrade. That might do until an elusive lime green bomber Z1 comes up.
  8. Mr Crudley

    Mr Crudley Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Bombers are good choice since they are pretty easy to maintain on a retro bike.
    Here is another place to find wallet sucking goodies :)

  9. haulrs

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    Do not put bumpers back in a Judy...... get springs... the elastomers go to marshmallows after a few idle years.... keep it retro? A bloke on the Gold Coast fixes old shocks and forks... wicked wrenching or fixmyshoxs... Facebook stalk him...I have had two retro shocks sorted by him... very pleased..not my business just a pleased customer.

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  10. Mr Crudley

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    That would be be best way to go. If he can get a littlw bit of dampening in there then you will be all set.

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  11. teK--

    teK-- Eats Squid

    That is some crazy cable rub! Bike brings back memories good luck with the build.
  12. R26

    R26 Likes Dirt

    Epic rub, not sure how anyone could just leave it be.

    Bombers fell through, steerer too short. I like the idea of rebuilding the original forks but they're pretty rough and frankly I don't like the look of them. Something wrong with black forks on this frame.
  13. zac

    zac Likes Dirt

    There's a fella in Cairns selling late 90s/early 00s Bombers on Gumtree... They're not super cheap but I'm pretty sure he has a set of Z1s going
  14. R26

    R26 Likes Dirt

    Crap. Missed that. Where were they posted?
  15. R26

    R26 Likes Dirt

    No matter. Decent nick Bomber Z5’s sorted for $40. Need v brake posts though.
  16. R26

    R26 Likes Dirt

    Went and picked up the forks.

    They weren’t Z5’s. Turns out they’re Z2 superfly’s! Score.
  17. haulrs

    haulrs Likes Bikes

    Do you need some posts for v brakes? I may have some... let me know... will post... you pay in beer token..(cash)

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  18. fastrider gus

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