Johnathan Spanquish - Shire Profiles


Likes Dirt
shit...that kid's pretty quick for an 11 year old.
get him on a new bike and he'd tear it up!
(he seems a bit cocky though)

looks like he should try pick up aeroguard as a sponsor for starters.


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Loved it man, you'd fit into the Wollongong mountain bike scene perfectly.


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wow! grate vid mate.. is he really 11 years old? he looks big and pinned for 11!!? let us know if he gets any sponcerships!!


Likes Dirt
Good to hear people are liking this video, as theres alot more jono to go round! And a whole family of spangerz out there....


Likes Dirt
this is a joke right?
No joke. I saw Johnathan riding yesterday. Such a pinner for guy who is still at primary school. Next Sam Hill in the making. Keep an eye out for him at the national series dominating the u/15's.