jumps and water . structure of jump .


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hey i just want to no how long you should wait
before jumping trails after water has been on the jumps .
should you rewater after a couple of days
and still not jump them in the meantime ?

and another thing
isit ok to have some logs
hanging a little out of the sides of jumps ?
if you had made jump with logs in it ??

please give me your opinions :)

Bracey :)


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it really isn't a clear cut science. jump the jumps again when they feel solid enogh to support you. you can still just them while they are solfter, just remember to fix them up in between runs. anyway, make sure you take the chance to do some maintainance while they are wet. groom them a bit and with the logs, it is fine but why have em looking all ratty? when all the dirt is wet use it to cover it up if the jumps wre how you like em!

(and build build build.. wish it was wet here!

billy b

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:eek: yer me n all my mates always put logs in our jumps... saves heaps of diggen ai? ...but if u put logs in yo downer make sure u cover them (i think) as a precaution for bailing n stuff like that:eek:

and with the watering ... we wet ours like all day every day till they go hard till we jump them because yu wntem to last 4 ever... :cool: yu want em hard as a rock:cool:

:cool: keep it up and when yu finish post em on farkin too:cool: