Just a DIY sesh


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just went out for another afternoon ride. it got dark fair quick so we didnt have much time to shoot.. just a copule of shots of todd and jay.. im still not used to the camera, so im still playin around with it.. sorry about the size if its to big..anyway hope use enjoy!!


lemmy eating his yogo





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Not your best shots.....would have been gooooood if there was some more sunlight.

Edit: I like the 2nd last one and the last photo looks like Todd is really high.
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Because according to lemy its ''un-ridable'' and jay sold his bike... so jay is riding it... and they both are saving 4 new bikes i think
Couldn't have put it better myself todd haha!
Some sick shots there knigge too. Will be awesome when u get ur camera set up properly though.


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don't mind if i do...just tryin out some spastic spin backies...nice sandy downramp for crashing on.

just another 1 of me n u moony that i have.. the jump has been modified a bit better!! moony went in the bowl while i was jumping ova...

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