Kanangra Classic Enduro - October 16th - Mountain Sports


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Raced a local Dirty Tri with these guys, well run and organised.

Just in...

"The KC Classic Enduro will be held on 16th October 2011 and entries are now open. We have a very limited amount of spots and entrants who want to secure a place are encouraged to enter the event asap. Entry is via online registration at www.mountainsports.com.au.

The Kanangra Classic incorporates a 50km and a 100km event which takes in some of the best bushland in the greater Blue Mountains Area. The event is mostly on double track and features water crossings and some long downhills. The event is open to riders of all abilities, from the beginner mountain biker to the experienced rider chasing a PB. All maps can be found on the website.

As an added bonus - entrants into the Inaugural event will all receive a FREE Limited Edition Jersey (100km) or Limited Edition T Shirt (50km) with their entry and have the added bonus of being considered a "foundation member" of the event giving them special dispensation for future events.

The Kanangra Classic is going to part of a whole weekend of cycling in the Oberon area. Oberon Tourism is making this a real family affair by putting on some fantastic events in the township the day before the Enduro. More info on this will become available in the next month along with accommodation guides and dining guides.

A special vote of thanks to the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service for opening this pristine area to our event. Mountain Sports is proud to be able to hold this event on some trails that have never been raced on before"

I know there's been alot of talk of attempting to line up a marathon in the Blue Mountains and this is how its looking..
Good to see jerseys being included in entry again also!


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I entered the 50. I'm looking forward to riding somewhere different and I prefer the t-shirt to a jersey.


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Looks interesting might have to find me a 29er HT for this race though with all that double track and fire road.


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Also don't over look the fact that this is an approved race in a National Park.

It's a pretty big deal.

Should be an awesome event in spectacular country


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Im in for the 100k

Just entered the 100km
Cant wait Kanangra is such an awesome place!! should be a great ride..!!

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Going to enter the 50, doing a repeat 50 to make a 100 doesn't float the boat, anyway davzab, by the time i do 50 you will have finished 150!!!:)


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Chatted to Sean (Event organiser) last night and event filling up quick.

Gonna be a beatch and tell half a story - there is some big support for the prizes - should be an announcement on their website soon i think. Tooooo good.:)


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Good to see the event getting the support, but for a rider as crap as I prizes are somewhat academic:eek:.


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50km sold out! Apparantly the 100km has less than 50 spots left!
If anyone wants to get into this event - they better get their entries in fast!
I'm doing the 100 - first time at this distance!!


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should be a lot of fun, havn't seen that region of the mountains before. Geuss I'll get 2 looks at the scenery as I too am doing the 100k's, first time for me at this distance...slow and steady. These organisers did a great job with the Dirty tri. series.


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rode the track today

should be a great race.rode the track.not hard 839m of climbing per lap.but its very easy climbing not long and hard but easy and long.had a lot of fun on the ride the 1st 35kms of the lap is FUN after that its on to the freeway back to the start[but there is a fun downhill at the end].over all i like it.bit like the woody worlds.i think its going to be a fast race [i did 6.30 in the dirtworks.and think 5.15 here].this could be a great race looking forward to it.:single_eye: