Knee/ shin guards

Discussion in 'Parts 'n Stuff' started by DMan, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. DMan

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  2. dropotaro

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    I ran the 661 Race Knee Shin pads for a while, had good shin coverage and were pretty comfortable. Only stop using them to go some dainese trail skins.
  3. peters

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    Dainese Oak Evo hard knee guards

    I am selling my Dainese Oak Evo hard knee guards.
  4. DMan

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    Thanks mate but I'm chasing something to protect knees and shins
  5. Juan Dinger

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  6. DMan

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    I've looked at them online. They look good. How far down the shin do they go on your leg?
  7. Ideate

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    I use ixs. Most comfortable I've ever worn. Looks similar to those leatts. The knee only version of these are popular too. Wore them all day up at Bright last Saturday (38 degrees?) without complain.

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  8. DMan

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    How far down the shin do they go? The reason I keep asking is we ride in a lot really rocky loose places and the shit that get thrown up off my wheel is amazing. And it always seems to hit you above the ankle! So I'm looking for quite a long shin protector.
  9. Ideate

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    All the way? The knee version actually covers the top part of your shin. But these go down to my ankle. It's actually the only part that was initially uncomfortable while I was wearing them in. The very bottom would dig into the top of my foot/ankle. They don't wrap around the sides of your ankle though. Get some ankle guards or a brace if that's where you're getting struck by rocks.
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  10. Switch

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  11. DMan

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    No, that's cool. Some of the ones I've seen seem to stop a good 100mm above your ankle, so if they go close that'll be great. It's only the front that seems to get hit so I'm not worried about them wrapping around
  12. Juan Dinger

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    They really are a great set of pads. I read a bunch of reviews before I decided on these, and couldn't be happier. Here is a good write up and it includes a good side on shot of them to give you an idea.
  13. wkkie

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    I run the flanks as well. Super protection and great to pedal too. The protection is up there and above a lot of hard shell protection that I've used.

    I do find that nearly every second ride I get stabbed with something between the bottom of the guard and my ankle. Stabbed is probably a bit dramatic, I maybe cop a twig or stone or two, it's rarely noticeable whilst on the ride, but it is noticeable after. It's a small price to pay for a great guard though.

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