LA to BC roadtrip


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Hi there,
A mate and I are planning a road trip from LA to BC with all mountain bikes and were wondering where some good places to ride are along the way.
So far the list is:
- Santa cruz
- Seattle (not sure where)
- Coast Gravity park
- Whistler
- Kelowna
- Pemberton
- Nelson
- The Sunshine coast
- Kamloops

If anyone knows of particular spots with epic trails, fill me in!
We will be buying a van in LA and road tripping for about 7 weeks.


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Squamish, BC (on the way to Whistler)

and if you're heading to Kamloops, I assume you have Sun Peaks and Silver Star resorts on your radar (if you only have time for one, go Silver Star, the other one is very "old school" and not as much fun).
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Forgot those three. Definitely will try and get to them. Cheers for the recommendations.
When you say old school, what do you mean? Pretty non tech tracks?


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Sounds like an awesome trip.
I have not been riding on the west coast yet. But if I was I would love to ride-
-Lake Tahoe
-Oregon (in particular Bend)
-Near Seattle
Once in BC well there are to many options. Would love to check out Nelson/Rossland myself.
Good luck deciding.


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When you say old school, what do you mean? Pretty non tech tracks?
Good question... In one word, boring? Mostly fast straight narrow single track cut through grass. Twisty tracks were void of flow or berms, mostly off camber flat switch backs.

Now before I get roasted here for my take on "old school", keep in mind Sun Peaks was the first mtb park to open in Canada, maybe all of North America.

Also note I was there in 2011, I think they've opened some new trails since then.

I will also say Sun Peaks accommodation was unbelievable. It's a small but a very rich resort. In summer it is very quiet, you will have a tonne of alpine mansions to choose from.

Oh, and food in the village was really bad in summer.


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Fair enough. Seems like they haven't really evolved with modern trail building.

Yes! I have heard good things about Bend actually. Its on the list, thanks.
Any more anyone?