Lefty’s and their idiosyncrasies

Discussion in 'Parts 'n Stuff' started by tasty.dirt74, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. tasty.dirt74

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    Simple q.

    Can a 26’ elo lefty be modded to run 29’ wheels?

    The more I look into it, the more complicated it seems..

    Anyone have experience with lefty’s, care to share their wisdom?


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  2. notime

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    You need to add 30mm worth of spacers to a 26" lefty to suit a 29er so you would need a 130 or 140 lefty to get your 100-110mm of travel.

    I've done this and couldn't recommend going down the lefty path. Service heavy with migrating bearings and the like, also 26" lefty are long in the tooth now. I would consider a very late model 29er lefty if I had the application.
  3. tasty.dirt74

    tasty.dirt74 Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Thanks for the reply. Those roller bearings seem great for certain aspects and not so good for others.. the lefty was basically given to me and seemed like a option taking everything into account, costs and performance etc.. it is beginning to seem like a bad idea to even consider using this fork for this application.

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  4. c3024446

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    Don't think it's that hard to install the spacers, but if it's a 100mm 26" fork you'll end up with a 70mm travel 29er.

    Lot of mucking around if you are trying to put in on a non-cannondale bike. Then there is the front hub you need......Lefty's are amazing though.
  5. safreek

    safreek Vealcake

    +1. Do an old cdale frame up with the lefty you shouldn't regret it. Unless you got one of the rare dud ones. Or give it to me
  6. tasty.dirt74

    tasty.dirt74 Likes Bikes and Dirt

    I think it is a 100mm elo lefty.

    I have a bnib project 321 hub acquired cheaply, but a rebuild and only around 70- 80mm of travel is not really viable cost wise..

    Anyone looking for a lefty elo with nice new ano black hub? Lol.

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  7. c3024446

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    Maybe see if you can sell it to cyclinic?

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  8. tasty.dirt74

    tasty.dirt74 Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Yeah. Already touched base with them. They did not fill me with enthusiasm when asking some q’s.. straight up did not want to even give me a estimate as to what it would be worth, not very helpful when asking about servicing it either.. seemed strange to me.. Maybe just a bad day at the office ?

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  9. Fred Nurk

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    I'd imagine that demand for Lefty's, particularly 26" ones, has gone through the floor.

    To make things more complicated, the new Lefty 2.0 doesn't use the same hub as the older ones, which would make them even less popular. As I understand it, its possible for some of them to be modified for greater travel, but since they've been Cannondale only for years, its really hard to tell exactly which model you're looking at, and they have changed internals significantly over the years (coil, air, Rock Shox internals, Fox internals...).

    My Lefty equipped bike is awesome, but it does have its moments in terms of hardware availability (mine still has a 4 bolt front rotor...), so you can kind of understand the diminished appeal.
  10. 4dabush

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    Build a left equipped fatbike Bill...you know you want (need N+1) one... 70mm leftie on a fattie with 4.8 Jumbo Jims will be perfect, and fatties are already visual oddities, so fat and leftie is a match made in heaven! :rockon:

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