Little Things You Hate


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These threads have been quite popular on other forums - I guess we'll see. Does not have to be MTB related.

Little things you hate:
- Falling victim to the same corner that got you last time, this time though you collect a sizeable tree trunk with the side of your head. You then sit up, take off your helmet, stand up, pick up your bike, drop your bike, stumble and then fall over. At this stage you decide you better sit down for at least a few minutes.


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A workmate.
So farkin dopey, doesn't have a brain, leaves jobs unfinished, you tell him something & it goes in one ear but doesn't come out the other side, it just goes into the abyss (the space between his ears)!
He just had the local auto club (racq) check out a car he wanted to buy, they basicaly said it was a POS & he says they over exaggerate, he bought the car & yes it is a POS...
anyway his name is JIM... DIM JIM

If anyone has got ideas on how to make him quit let me know.

Oh yeah no bike paths from home to work... Have to ride on busy road... that sux
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one thing i hate are wankers that keep saying konas, giant stp's, and mongoos bikes SUCK!!!

i say, its time to dislike something else like FSA Gravity Moto-x cranks that snap will jumping an 8m double:mad:


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The thing that i hate is when some thing little in your bike is broken or not running smoothly and you dont have the tools or the money to get a new part or to get it fixed.:mad: It sucks!


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People who laugh when you crash and when you're lying, withering in pain. (Most of the time they don't realise that your hurt, if they do you shouldn't be riding with them)


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- When you bust your balls to get to the shops in time and you make it with 2 minutes to spare before they close, and the asshole decides to close early, and make sure that you can see him shutting the roller door. Right in your face.

- When you thread the head of a tool or worse still, what your trying to tighten or remove.

- When people screw you around. Yes... actually no. Actually.... ye.. no. JUST NO. shit!

- A puncture JUST after you repaired it or worse still... after you replaced the tube.

- Annoying squeaks and rattles.

- Neighbours dogs which NEVER SHUTUP.

- Spyware.


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Being late for work & finding out when you get there that some system that you're responsible for has crapped itself & everyone has been waiting for you to turn up to fix it so they can do their work.


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Handling the things at work that the guy who gets paid more should be doing

People who cant hold arguments

numbers have to be even, cant be odd


Society on a whole