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New chainsaw day!
Well, almost.
Had rung the shop earlier about stock availability of a Stilh 391 or 362. Couldn’t justify the fancy new 400.
Ducked in after work to grab the last 362 in the shop, and last stock for a few months.
As fortune would have it, the local forestry training school had just turned over their 362’s for new models. They only use them for the chainsaw certificate course, and had one as new (12h showing on the computer), selling as new with full service, new chainsaw, full warranty, and $500 off the new price.
Much winning! It’s from the ‘professional’ range, slightly smaller motor, 1/2 kg lighter yet more powerful than the 391 (modern version of what I’m replacing)

Insert Tim the Toolman grunt noises.

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Where’s the oven shot?


Not quite as grunty as my magnum 440, but that’s a heavy fucker. It’s my big boy saw and backup.
Does it give a nice kick if you don't pay attention? Got an entry level Husqvarna. Does a great job for an entry chainsaw.


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Does it give a nice kick if you don't pay attention? Got an entry level Husqvarna. Does a great job for an entry chainsaw.
Does. And rips your arm off if you try to start it and forget the decompression button. I cut a lot of wood. There’s a happy medium between a saw powerful enough to not to struggle with big hardwood logs and one light enough to not break your back lifting around. The 440 is a bit much to lug around for sll but the biggest stuff.
Husky and Stihl are always the solid options. At the risk of sounding snobby, I wouldn’t touch anything else.


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very happy to see the little bak wa shop i've been going to for nearly 40 years is still alive after the latest lock down. tiny hole in the wall sort of place i didnt think would survive, and to my knowledge its the only one in sydney.


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The spindle on my Time DH4 pedal is bent so I was trying to find a rebuild kit. No luck. So I thought I'd see if anyone was selling a set of Time MX pedals or something similar. I was on Gumtree and low and behold a fella was selling 3 different right side new Time pedals of all things and one was a DH4. And the one I needed was a right side pedal. Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate. A well spent $20


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- that was my first thought - " how many emtbs will affect this shuttle plan ?"
like or loathe , they are a growing part of the market , and contrary to popular belief , the young guns are getting on board - its not all ' old fat men '
This summer season will be super interesting across many trail networks
  • Access - via inter or intra state - Tassie is most challenging
  • Numbers ? how do you QR code a forest ?
  • will the general public be complaint , willing to accept the conditions of entry
  • $200 a day is a big ask .
Random thoughts from a fat old emtb'er !
( not a dentist )


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Dentistry school I imagine.
Pffffft , the hoooman body is both amazing and disgusting - without prejudice, it’s a nope on Dentistry, Proctologist,Gynocoligist , any of the ‘ists‘ that involve orifices in a Hooman

i am happy being oblivious .