Login time-out

Brother Maynard

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Hi there admins,

Just wondering whether there is a way to extend the time before i get automatically logged out of the forum for inactivity?
I'd love to be able to stay logged in on my work/home computer. Right now i refresh a thread after turning my back for a few mins and i have been logged out again.

It would be even nicer if the forum software worked with my password manager auto-login (dashlane) so i wouldn't have to deal with logging in at all ;)

Brother Maynard

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Found the problem.

Dashlane stuffs up the auto-login on the home screen. That's where the 'remember me' tickbox is that enables the permanent login. But i never see it, because as soon as i load the page the auto-login fills process kicks off.
The forum then returns the 'invalid login' screen, which doesn't have a 'remember me' tickbox.

Turned off auto-login, manually entered username/password, ticked box, solved problem.