Lost 29er front wheel - Lysterfield

Discussion in 'Lost/Found/Stolen' started by komdotkom, Apr 8, 2017.

  1. komdotkom

    komdotkom Likes Bikes

    So I got distracted today when loading up after a ride and left my front wheel in the carpark. It's a TWE carbon rim on a DT350 hub, 180mm shimano rotor and a brand new Vittoria saguaro front tyre.
    Quite happy to pay a reward for its return.
  2. Daniel Hale

    Daniel Hale Likes Dirt

    someone on FB has this,saw it this arvo
  3. Daniel Hale

    Daniel Hale Likes Dirt

    geremy tomkin mtb buy swap nsell put an ad in
  4. komdotkom

    komdotkom Likes Bikes

    Thanks mate that's awesome!
    I don't really understand FB and don't have an account, how would I go about contacting them?
  5. stirk

    stirk Wheel size expert

    Off to the confessional!

    Did you get it back? Lots of people here familiar with Facebook if you need help.
  6. komdotkom

    komdotkom Likes Bikes

    Hi all, I got the wheel back today - thanks very much to Geremy for taking it home and taking the time to post it online.
    Thanks to the forum members (Daniel Hale and Link) who helped me out, much appreciated. I was so sure that I wasn't getting it back that I'd already started looking at new wheel sets.
    Great result, thanks to all involved!

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