lowest axle to bearing race height for xc fork or 60mm travel fork


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Hi, i have a full ridgid xc single speed that i want to put some forks on for a 24hr race.the frame is designed for the low steel forks it came with, these are not height adjsted to allow for suspension to be put on later. the problem is when i put a set of regular 100mm (rock shox) 80mm (manitou) the bike becomes way too slack and i find it hard to corner comfortably and it feels like i am riding a chopper

as i am used to ridgid forks i dont need a lot of plush travel just a bit to take the sting out of the ride.
is there a way of lowering any common forks so they only have around 60mm travel or 80-100mm forks with an unusually low axel to bearing race height?



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you could try finding some manitou 3 or rockshox mag21's or even better marzocchi z2's from ebay