Lyrik - can extend 160mm?


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Hi brains trust,

I'm looking for a Lyrik to extend my Strive out to 170mm (older 2016 model, non-boost, currently 160mm Pike).

Just confirming that there is no issues with extending a few years old 160mm Lyrik to170mm with a replacement air spring?

thanks in advance!


Yep as above no problems. I'm running my 2016 lyrik rc at 170, it's great to have that little bit extra.
First tried a Debonair 170mm airshaft which was pretty good but had a fair bit of stiction on the main seal, going from comp to rebound.
Now using a standard 170 shaft with a luftkappe, which is more awesome and i'll be keeping it this way.
Keep in mind the 170 only uses 1 token from factory, see how it feels for you. I was on 2 at 160, 1 at 170, 0-1 with luftkappe.