Mach 6 custom internal routing and cable port entry/exit covers?

Discussion in 'Parts 'n Stuff' started by EsPeGe, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. EsPeGe

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    Hi all I've got a bit on an issue with my 15 Mach 6 carbon. I've banged on the Push ElevenSix (it is AWESOME) and as a result had to change the cable routing to keep it clear of the coil. See below.


    The problem is I've used a number of double sided tapes to fix the cable guides but they generally last between 1 and 10 rides if I'm lucky. This has led to some shifting issues as the shifter cable has room to flex and it's also really annoying. I don't want to glue them down permanently.

    I've found a carbon bike repairer that can fairly easily put some custom ports in for internal routing which seems to me like the best solution. I know some folks don't like internal routing but for my set up I think it's the best solution.

    What I want to know is if anyone out there has had experience with this and if so is there anything important I need to know before I proceed? I'm not concerned with the carbon guys, their work is nothing short of magic. Also are there any suggestions in regards to the actual routing? Should I follow the 16 mach routing or are there other options out there?

    Finally I'm going to try to order some Pivot port covers but given this is a custom job this may not be an option. Are there generic grommet kits out there for this purpose?

    Thanks heaps, Scott.
  2. Boom King

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    That picture shows standard routing, right?

    Edit: I see after googlizing that it normally runs under top tube. Are you over thinking things? The cables will be fine with standard routing.
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  3. B Rabbit

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    Edit, didn't read your full post
  4. placebo

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    If you're routing the cables/lines externally, why not just run them along the top of the downtube to the lower pivot, and then the underside of the stays to the rear brake and derailleur? I hated the stock routing on the M6, and did this when I had one. There isn't a great deal of movement at the lower pivot compared to the upper pivot/yoke so the stick on guides never worked loose in over a year.
  5. B Rabbit

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    ^ I did the same and it worked well. Can't remember having any come loose.
  6. EsPeGe

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    Nope standard routing causes the cable to rub against the coil causing it to buff off the the paint of the coil. This happened when I originally put the ElevenSix on after only 2 rides. I wasn't going to let it do any more damage so I re ran the cables.
  7. EsPeGe

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    That's going to be plan B and will certainly be a better set up than what I'm currently running. If the carbon bike guy can't do it, which is a possibility now I've explained things to him better then I'll be running it this way.

    Out of interest what cable guides did you run? I have the jagwire metal base ones. Problem with them is that I chuck the shit c clips away and use cable ties for a better grip on the cable but you can't run them through the hole once they are on the bike.

    The only other thing I'm thinking is maybe a hot glue gun to glue them down. As long as it's not too hot it should be fine and with a hair dryer can be easily removed later if required but I need to know for sure before I go putting hot anything on it.

    I know I am probably overdoing it but I also like the cables routed internally for cosmetic reasons too.
  8. EsPeGe

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    Just has a chat with Dave the Jetblack guy (Pivot Aust Distributor) and he reckons there is no worries at all running the cables internally provided that it's done by someone that knows carbon. Which is great news. There is very little difference between the 15 and 16 frame Front ends so he reckons just copy the routing of the 16 and it should be fine. Plus where the cable exits the frame he reckons it's way over engineered so will hold up fine.
  9. JTmofo

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    Paint rubbed off the shock spring.... or drill some holes in a carbon frame......

    I know what I rather be doing.
  10. JTmofo

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    Get that in writing for the court case..........
  11. hifiandmtb

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    ^^^ This.

  12. B Rabbit

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    Here's a photo of mine old beast, I do miss it.

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  13. placebo

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    Yeah, jagwires with the c clips. Used them to externally route everything on my Patrol too without problems.

    If you're serious about the mod, I'd email Pivot themselves. Despite a good relation with and support from the LBS and jetblack, Pivot denied my warranty claim for cracking at the standard point of failure on those early firebird frames, below the seat tube, because I ran a coilshock, despite producing and selling an alloy link specifically to do so on the firebird after most of the early carbon links failed. It took about 18 months to get a partial settlement out of Pivot.

    That's the setup I used as well.
  14. teK--

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    With 3M VHB tape I wouldn't expect the cable clips to come off. It is the same tape used on GoPro mounts. Id rather that than modify a frame still under warranty.
  15. EsPeGe

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    Yeah that's the plan. I must admit I didn't realise the frame was still under warranty so I'll have a re-think but I'm pretty keen to do it. I think folks are still a bit gun shy about Carbon. It's not like I'm gonna be making swiss cheese out of the frame. There are already entry holes so I need 2 exit holes in the front end and then one entry and one exit on the drive side of the triangle. My best mate is an engineer that has done a shitload of carbon work on race cars and racing yachts. I've also got a mate that has the premiere glider repair business in the country and he too thinks it will be fine though neither have bike experience.

    All that said I'll get in touch with Pivot to see what they say.

    Cheers Scott.

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