Management Plans, Australia Wide! With more links. (Tas updated)

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OK, so your local council is looking at you like a three headed monster, this talk of legal Mountain Bike Trails. Surely no one has done it in Australia? Or have they?

Here are some links, hopefully for you or your council to use. I'll keep it closed to keep it tidy, pls PM me if you have any more links (Smithfield Cairns? for instance). If it's a 200 page plan and only page 60 refers to MTBs please let me know, as the more info we can give our bruddas the better.

I'm sure CORC has some Stromlo plans, in the meantime,
PM me if you know of a managment plan.

New South Wales
Royal National Park
Some more links for National Parks (not just Royal) The Management Plan for Royal National Park
National Parks Front page
Mt Kosciusko National Park
Blue Mountains Dirt Jump Strategy Page the download is on the right of the page or here
Pomingalarna & Willans Hill Plan of Management (Wagga Wagga)
Livingstone National Park POM (Wagga Wagga) :
which has:
Livingstone Proposal
Livingstone Proposal Map
and finally Proposed changes to Cindys trail

PM me if you know of a managment plan.

Northern Territory
PM me if you know of a managment plan.

Mt Coo-tha, Brisbane

PM me if you know of a managment plan.

South Australia
State 5 yr MTB plan (now expired)
Mitcham Council MTB strategy (This is a great plan, 116 pages all to do with MTBing and Council. Definately applicable to other councils.
Eagle MTB Park Strategy, draft plan a big pdf download!
Shepherds Hill was a long time favourite for MTBers BMX riders and Dog Walkers. This Management plan even suggest challenging DH trails
Public feedback on the Shepherds Hill management plan viewable here

The City of Mitcham also has a trails officier.

Mt Wellington, Hobart

-Trails Tasmania Strategy 2008
-MTB Tourism Market Study 2009
Commissioned by Tourism Tasmania
-Tasmanian Mountain Bike Plan 2009
Currently being developed to provide a framework for the coordinated development and marketing of mountain bike opportunities in Tasmania.
Trevallyn and Kate Reed NRA draft track strategy

-Trevallyn Nature Recreation Area Management Plan 2008
As a large open space resource close to an expanding major urban centre, the Trevallyn Nature Recreation Area will be of increased economic, social and ecological importance to the region in the future. This plan recognises the reserve’s significant potential

Ottay Ranges Mountain Bike Trails Project.
Ottway ranges eForum info sheet.

PM me if you know of a managment plan.

Western Australia
Study including CALM (Conservation & Land Management, State Gov. body) into the impact of MTB in the SW of WA
Here are some more from WA Freeride:
This is a good starting point if you have a location in mind, it will give you an idea of who to contact to obtain permission or more info. It only works in IE unfortunately:

This looks promising, (but as it is supposed to be fully functional by October 2006 I wouldn't be holding my breath):

A list of all the local Government websites in WA:

Department of Sport and Recreation, Trail Funding grants. The closing date for applications is 30th March, 2007 so probably a bit late for this year, plenty of time to get your application right for next year though.

Department of Local Government and Regional Development Grants Directory:

Minister for Planning and Infrastructure:
PM me if you know of a managment plan.

Here are some more Links to get you going:

Big ups to the following Contributors(in no order) Sammydog, Dumbellina, Fleshbone, Mudslut
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