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That'd be cool to scare the kids with down at the shops while the missus farts around looking at her crap.

Id tell them its what holds my head on, and say things like yesturday I was doing up my laces and the old noggin just came right off.


Hope it comes off soo and you get all better btw.


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Holy shit, thats terrible to see mate. What happened exactly, hope you recover fast mate. Best of luck.


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suffered a similar fate 18 months ago, over the bars - smashed up full face helmet, bleed in neck, fractured vertebrae in mddle back,numbness down the right hand side of body, to my luck no halo needed, but enough to thank god im still alive and walking. Still see the physio weekly and panadene forte is my best friend......
Mate I wish you all the best and I hope your recovery is speedy and trouble free.
I bet you cant wait to get that halo off your head !!!