Melbourne Premiere of Roam


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Movie Details

The Film (The Collective & Roam):
Award winning, The Collective is the collaborative work from some of the world's best mountain bikers and their words, ideas, and most importantly their riding. The film Roam is the second film from the Collective and looks to follow on from the success of the first film by continuing to showcase the sport of mountain biking in a unique and spectacular way; in particular by finding the threads that join like-minded people who are immersed in a journey of mountain biking. Locations include Morocco, Prague, the North Shore, Moab, Whistler, Sun Valley.

Double Feature Mountain Bike Movie: The Collective and Roam, including bike expo and give-aways.

For further information on the films please visit:

Location, Dates & Time
Cinema Nova
380 Lygon Street Carlton
(03) 9347 5331

Sunday, May 14 2006, 5 - 7pm.

Ticket Pricing
Adults: $12.50 ea
Group Bookings (8 or more): $10 ea
Students/Concession: $10 ea
Children: $8 ea.
Tickets can be purchased through Nova Cinema
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Tickets selling fast!!!

I spoke with the ticket office today and 70% of the tickets are sold already!

This is why we have been trying to push the point that you should pre-purchase tickets...

Please dont miss out, as I dont think there will be a second screening.

We have a heap of great prizes from Specialized, Dakine, and the other sponsors are sending me stuff this week.

Please dont miss out, it will be a great night!



My friend called the Nova Cinema the other day and the Box Office didnt know what he was talking about when he asked for tickets to Roam.


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ONLY 40 Tickets left for ROAM!

Thats right. ROAM Premiers this Sunday in Melbourne, and only 40 Tickets remain as of 1:00pm Tuesday!
Dont miss out.
This is a single screening only!!!


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Sounds good. With the time (5-7pm) is that jsut for the movie Roam, or for the Collective movie as well? What time does the 'expo & givaways' start? Let me know,


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Pre ordered my tickets last week. I think it is fantastic that such a quality production on such a progressive sport is going to be shown on the big screen.

I want to see a full house on the night!


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By and large, i thought it was very similar to the collective, but that is not a bad thing. There were some sections which were awesome though.

And, while i loved the fact that they were showing it in a cinema, it was just a screening of the dvd, which meant that the picture was fuzzy because dvd is not meant for screens that big. Or maybe it was just because i was sitting in the second row and i was too close to the screen. The color was crap too.

I'm actually looking forward to watching it again on a tv screen.