MotoGP 2020


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Yeah, I thought Mir was going to take Rossi out when he went for it but he executed it perfectly. Great to see him finding form this year. Such a shame for Rossi though, it would've been a fairytale ending if he'd podium'd at his home track with his two academy boys.

Maverick was nowhere to be seen on raceday again (until the fuel load's gone anyway). Mature ride by Miller I thought. Probably went a fraction hard early but didn't throw it in the gravel trying for heroics either.

Wouldn't mind betting next week's repeat round is a little closer.


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I thought Rossi was going to get taken out for sure. It was one of the best overtakes for a while. Pin point accuracy.
Imagine if Mir took Rossi out at home. He wouldn't be able to show his face without security protection.
Miller is killing it this year, he has matured so much and proved why he deserves the factory ride.
Mavric did it again, what happens? He comes back with good pace but it's to late.


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Remi Gardener has signed with red bull for 2021 in moto 2. Great news for the rising talent. Puts him in the perfect team to progress in the sport and on a competative bike.


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Next years season is gonna be wild! Moto2 has been such an improved series since the change to the triumph triples.
They are a great motor. I've got a 675 I can't part with, bit like a mtb really.
The 765 is a great base and don't have to go to far to make some good power. Sure are torquey motors the triples. It has evened up the field.