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Ask me about HoboBlo franchise opportunities
From The Gap back to Bundaberg is around 450kms assuming no major road works or delays that's about 5 and half hours of riding - Even the quickest way to Brisbane is around 360kms that's 4 Hours of riding - So probably go to Brisbane on the Saturday - then ride home on the Sunday is the best choice. Or make a long weekend of it - Ride to Brisbane Friday - Do the Gap - Nebo - Glorious - Fernvale - Brisbane loop and then home on Sunday - So that would be 360 + 360 + 150 = 870 kms vs 360 + 450 = 810kms - but would mean a relaxed ride around Nebo etc and time to admire other bikes etc at cafes and stops and then a nights sleep between big trips. Mmmmmmm something to think about.


Ask me about HoboBlo franchise opportunities
Decided to get another bike - Something rare for me I am going to go second hand - Will prob go Jap something as reliable and cheap to service - Something naked no bigger than 750 cc - Now to find the unicorn :)

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Hurts. Requires Money. And is nerdy.
Putting blinkers and horn back on. This sucks.
I also have no idea how to mount the horn so I’ll probably end up getting creative with the cable ties and hang it off the radiator louvres.

Pink slip Friday. Then it’s all coming off Friday afternoon for Saturday freedom ride.

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I don’t mean to brag, but it’s all back together and I have a screw left over.
The kindest thing you can do for someone in the middle of a major rebuild is to throw in some extra nuts, bolts, washers, springs etc. Banjo fitting too if a carby rebuild is happening. I tried to rebuild a motorcycle gearbox without a manual. So many extra parts!