mt buller to sheepyard flats ????

Discussion in 'General MTB Discussion' started by DunCon, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. DunCon

    DunCon Likes Dirt

    hey does anyone no of a track that runs from the top of mt buller to sheepyard flats i herd it is called pikes peak or somthing like that

    and me and my freind were wanting to ride it
    so if anyone knows of where the track is or if it exists then that would be awsome to post or pm me directions

    any help would be nice thanks
  2. djrider

    djrider Likes Dirt

    i don't think there is a track going to sheepyard flats from buller. there is one from buller that runs to Mirimbah which is called the klingsporn track.

    but i still may be wrong so if someone knows anymore please correct me.:D
  3. spinner

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    There was a write up on this ride in AMB Aug / Sept '06 issue. Page 69.
    The report was lacking detailed directions , sounds like the sort of ride best done with a guide or at least someone who has done it before. Sounds cool though. 45 kms , mostly singletrack apparently.
  4. dolsa

    dolsa Likes Dirt

    It is out past the quarry. Its around 4hrs+ so do it early. Its not all dh so you need something agressive AM for it.
  5. DunCon

    DunCon Likes Dirt

    well i have a snata cruz heckler and my firnds has a santa cruz nomad and we do alot of cross country riding when we arnt downhilling so yeah we were wondering if anyone had done it and if they could tell us more about it but thanks for all the info about it
  6. Josh Seksy

    Josh Seksy Likes Bikes and Dirt

    yeah do able
    just ask the rangers
    hard though and very very easy to get lost
  7. gnarly_rider

    gnarly_rider Likes Dirt

    Having done it and a few variations, here is the deal.

    It is a long day, and requires a car shuffle (one car parked at Buller, one at Sheepyard), and this is a looong car shuffle.

    On the bikes, descend via route of choice from Buller (when I did it last best descent was Corn Hill 4WD track) to the Howqua Gap. However, with all the new XC trail work going on, maybe there is a better descent to the Gap now??

    Descend the Circuit Track south for maybe a couple of kms, and turn right onto the Corn Hill Logging Rd . Descend this to Pikes Flat (a few small climbs).

    From just after Pikes, you are after the High Track walking track, which literally follows the Howqua all the way past Richies Hut to about 4 Mile Creek (just shy of Sheepyard Flat). This is without a doubt a sensational bit of almost all gradually descending fun flowy singletrack. 10+ km at least as the crow flys, but much windier.

    Ensure you get some maps (25000 series maps are Buller, Magdala and Timbertop). Bring spare bike bits (derailleur and chain breaker) and food. It can be a long day, especially with a larger group. Recommend car shuffling the night before. We have enjoyed it most by camping at Sheepyard or one of the 6/8 mile spots, car shuffling, then riding the next day. Nothing like finishing the ride literally into camp, with an esky full of beer (and maybe the fire going..)

    PS just realized that my avatar is me on Klingsporn.........
  8. mirimbah

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    i know this a very old thread. but if others see this thread we have shuttled people out of sheep yard back to buller this year 13 riders had an amazing day without the pickup car problem. was a large group of mansfield / mt buller riders.
  9. Downhill Domination

    Downhill Domination Captyvate Media

    Klingsporn <3
  10. bumpygreen

    bumpygreen Rate Cool

    Has anyone been down that way recently or have any info to add to GR's trail description?
  11. Sethius

    Sethius Crashed out somewhere

    death-sniper has been done the buller to sheepyard thing just recently, send him a PM.
  12. DbD

    DbD Likes Bikes

    sounds like an awesome ride. I'll be doing it once my broken hand heals. :)
  13. retroenduro

    retroenduro Likes Dirt

    Does sound great! have forwarded this to my mates to try and get a group together again :eek:)
  14. scottish

    scottish Squid

    Yea I'm keen mate...
  15. retroenduro

    retroenduro Likes Dirt

    ok ok we are looking at going on the 10th April if anyone else wants to join to make up numbers? :)
  16. bumpygreen

    bumpygreen Rate Cool

    Pencil me in (pending kids and pivot bearing replacement issues).
  17. DbD

    DbD Likes Bikes

    I'd be in, but for my broken hand...D'oh!

    I'm looking forward to the write up an pics :cool:
  18. retroenduro

    retroenduro Likes Dirt

    ha no pressure then...... if scottish is coming he can bring his gps too so we can upload the track on bikely
  19. DbD

    DbD Likes Bikes

    yep, yep, yep, GPS map would be cool.
  20. krusty66

    krusty66 Likes Dirt

    Yes I have have done it too and it is amazing took about six hours and some killer single track. One of the best rides of my life. Not for beginners or people who arent confident as there are some tight cliff edge single track. YEW!

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