My bike's on crack...

Discussion in 'General MTB Discussion' started by Lazmo, Mar 29, 2017.

  1. Lazmo

    Lazmo Likes Dirt

    Well as ace as yesterday ride was, riding Falls, there was a cost. Just before Frying Pan, it developed a bad creak while pedalling... just like that, silent one moment, creaking like a mofo the next... luckily it was all down and f all pedalling.

    Anyway, the chainstay has a crack on top of it, on the right hand side, just behind the brace that joins it to the left side.

    I'm the second owner so can't warranty... searching here about welding it, has endless references to Grip Sport... is that still the best option?

    In hindsight, I'm real happy it didn't let go on HighVoltage or FlowTown... so, do I get it fixed, or hunt a 2010 Spec Stumpjumper chainstay? Or both?
  2. The Duckmeister

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    See what Grip Sport say, but the problem with repairing aluminium is the heat from welding affects the grain structure, so unless it's properly heat treated remains prone to repeat failure.
  3. pink poodle

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    Grip has a reputation for delivering, so you shod be safe with their service. Afterglow who else are you going to trust?

    Personally I'd weigh up the repair cost vs full replacement. It's always a good time for a new rig. You may find someone looking for parts that your broken frame can provide (such as shock and front triangle), so it might not he total loss.
  4. Lazmo

    Lazmo Likes Dirt

    PP... yeah, sometimes it makes sense to move on... but you know I really like my bike... it's totally dialled in and I feel really at home on it. Today's hire Trek Fuel 29 has convinced me that my bike is just fine and dandy. It's agile, nimble, steers great... with just the right amount of give/flex that makes it feel alive.

    Plus, I've basically totally rebuilt it for this trip ... serviced and upgraded forks thanks to Duck, rebuilt shock/brain, all new pivots, new dropper, new BB, new chain/chainring/cassette, brake pads, new tyres.

    I just hope the repair can handle my 90+kg of hopelessness jumping off stuff... coz, if someone's gonna do it wrong, I'm ya man.
  5. pink poodle

    pink poodle Clinically Inane

    Chase up "new" frame?
  6. Lazmo

    Lazmo Likes Dirt

    ... or new (to me) chainstay...
  7. slowmick

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    have you got a friendly specialized shop you can ask to get you a price? About 10 years ago bought a new set of chain stays from the warranty bin a specialized for about $100. it was the same price at the time as having them repaired by grip. might be worth a call.

    CycleLink in Bayswater also seem to have a fair stock of older Specialized frames. They may have something at a reasonable price for you.
  8. sawnoff666

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    Don't go to a Specialzed store. They are useless. I cracked the rear triangle on my Demo a few years ago and went to three different stores for assistance and not one ever got back to me. They only seem interested in selling you a new frame or bike.

    I emailed Specialized directly and told them what I was after. They had spare triangles off warrantied frames and I wasn't worried if it was new. Within a week I had a new (second hand) triangle and all it cost me was the price of postage. I also mentioned how bad the service at their dealers was so that probably helped me also.

    Good luck
  9. Lazmo

    Lazmo Likes Dirt

    Thanks Slowmick... you are THE man... Womble at CycleLink went out of his to get one in, and I took my bike there this morning to see if it's the same... and yes it's the one and I'll fit it over Easter.
  10. stoo

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    Womble as in Scotty Womble Watkins???
  11. slowmick

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    yes, that Womble - goatee beard an all.
  12. slowmick

    slowmick Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Glad it worked out for you Lazmo. They are nice guys in there. Enjoy riding over Easter.
  13. Lazmo

    Lazmo Likes Dirt

    Well, they say closure is good...

    The new chain-stay is in... and yeah, it's really thanks to Womble, who chased one down for me... he's a treasure.

    It turns out that the new pivots and bearings installed supposedly some time ago by a nameless but no more LBS, didn't actually happen... which is why I suspect the chain-stay cracked. One pivot was seized solid, had to be drilled out and the two main bearings were toast... one seized and the other partially disintegrated.

    Now, the bike rides plush as plush... so glad I could fix it.

    I didn't really want to replace the bike... I know everyone wants a new bike, but it's been such a beaut thing and it has just the right amount of give. That hire Trek at Bright felt like a piece of wood.

    One great thing about keeping this bike is that my wife and I are now on effectively the same 26" bikes... mines 2010, hers is 2011... so, if I can get through some obstacle, so should she... that's a really good thing for us.

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  14. link1896

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    Nice outcome.

    Replacing linkage bearings is never fun, often needing custom tooling and some love.

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